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Too Hard by I. A. Dice (epub) Hayes Brothers Book 5

He hates me.
One year stands between me and freedom. No more jumping through hoops. No more hurt, humiliation, and degradation. One year. I just need to keep it together. Easy, right? Maybe if not for my new neighbor, Cody Hayes. There are only two things he and I agree on: we both hate me, and we’re both certain I don’t deserve forgiveness. But as our silent treatment morphs into polite hellos and then to something much more physical, I realize that one year under my father’s thumb in exchange for my dreams might be impossible.
Because sometimes, the dreams we chase are worth sacrificing for those that already came true.

I hate her.
When Blair Fitzpatrick moves in across the hall I have a fool-proof plan in place: ignore her. Pretend she doesn’t exist.
But days morph to weeks and I get glimpses of Blair I never knew before. A brand-new person hiding under the ugly. Considerate, polite, sweet, and… hurt.
That’s my downfall. One night she’s crying in my arms, then she’s the uninvited guest at the forefront of my mind and suddenly I’m on a roller coaster with no way out.
They say there’s a fine line between hate and love.
Well, I might have just tripped over it.

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