TRIPLE KINGS MC by J.E Daelman (epub)

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TRIPLE KINGS MC by J.E Daelman (epub) Book 3 – Falcon

Triple Kings MC – Hugely successful series, #1 Amazon Bestsellers
TKMC—FALCON is book #3 in the Triple Kings MC series. This book follows the story of Falcon, the youngest King brother and President of the Idaho chapter.

One minute I was just going about my business and the next I was literally left holding the baby. A baby purported to be my son. Except he couldn’t be. I wasn’t in a relationship, but that meant nothing. The note attached stated I was Gyr’s father, and his mother was to be sold. No way! Not on my watch. I had not just my MC, but my brothers’ MCs, along with our allies, to help find her. Failure wasn’t an option because Gyr needed his mother.

I had been running and hiding for years. This nanny position was perfect. But when danger was coming to the Triple Kings MC, I couldn’t in good conscience let anyone get hurt, especially little Gyr. It was time to stop running and step up. I wasn’t some wallflower; I grew up in an MC and knew how to fight. I wasn’t just fighting for myself. I was fighting for my home.

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