Triple Trouble by Jesse H Reign (epub)

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Triple Trouble by Jesse H Reign (epub) The Situationship Series Book 2

Two dude-bros, one beautiful femme boy, and a game of gay chicken that goes badly awry…

It’s fair to say my best friend Mat and I are looking for trouble when we head out for a wild night on the town, and boy, do we find it. We find it in the form of Trouble, a guy with long, silky black hair, doe eyes, and thick, fleshy lips. Sweat glitters down his spine and he moves like there’s music in his soul. Every eye in the place in on him. He’s magnetic. The second we see him, we want him. We both do.

Suddenly, the fact we thought we were straight doesn’t seem all that important.

Trouble turns our lives upside down. He makes us do things we’ve never done. He makes us want things we’ve never wanted either.

He makes me look at Mat in way that’s brand new, too.

Everything is changing. Nothing is as it was.

There’s only one thing that’s certain anymore – Mat and I both want to get into Trouble.

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