Unbroken by Dreia Wells FREE (epub)


Unbroken by Dreia Wells FREE (epub)
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Dreia Wells
June 1, 2023
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Unbroken by Dreia Wells FREE (epub)

I died.

They thought they could break me. I remain Unbroken.

Lives hang in the balance. I was told it’s up to me to set things right. And when God himself tells me to save the world, then I guess I need to pull my big girl pants up and get the job done. If I fail, we all lose, not just the battle, but our lives.

I’m a part of a game I didn’t ask to play. The board is set, and war is about to erupt. Everyone is looking at me to lead them. The pressure is mounting. The uncertainty escalates not only from my unexpected news about my Tethers, but to the future of the Academy itself. I am not alone, and no matter what I face, I know that my mates and Tethers will be beside me.

I am a Nephilim, a Witch, and a Warrior. It’s time I harness all of my abilities to become the ultimate weapon. I never asked or wanted to be a savior, but for the people I love, I’m ready to sacrifice everything, even myself.

Unbroken is an 18+ Dark Paranormal Why Choose Romance. The third and final book in the HellNight Academy series. Contains: Graphic Violence, Torture, Blood, and definitely more Gore.

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