Unchained by Jayda Marx (Epub PDF Audiobook)

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Unchained by Jayda Marx (Epub PDF Audiobook)

Over a century ago, Viggo suffered betrayal, enduring the torment of dark magic and finding himself buried alive. Chained inside a cramped, lightless box, his only solace lies in the hope that his fated mate will one day hear his desperate cries for help through their unseen bond. Constantly calling out, he has received only silence in return… until the day a voice finally answers back.

On Skyler’s 21st birthday, dealing with disappointment after yet another date stands him up, he grapples with the recurring theme of men being drawn to the passion he brings to the bedroom but ultimately deeming his fiery personality too intense. It’s a cycle that leaves him feeling used and discarded. However, on this fateful day, everything changes when he hears a desperate cry for help. Instead of another bout of romantic misfortune, he finds himself inexplicably bound to a cursed vampire from centuries past.

Unlucky in love takes a fantastical twist as he becomes entangled with Viggo, opening the door to a whole new realm of possibilities and challenges. What could possibly go wrong in this unexpected and otherworldly connection between a modern-day man and a vampire trapped in time?

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