Vas by Sarah Curtis (epub)


Vas by Sarah Curtis (epub)
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Sarah Curtis
June 30, 2023
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Vas by Sarah Curtis (epub)

He lived his life in darkness.A bleak landscape where friends were often enemies and trust was a commodity in short supply. His world was dangerous… immoral… forbidding. She was off limits. A light that should’ve never caught his notice. But like a moth to a flame, he was helpless against her pull. Greed was a powerful emotion, and when it came to her, that emotion was merciless.
The first time Anna saw him, he should’ve been just a customer and she, his waitress.
She should’ve never noticed how good-looking he was. And his terse responses over the months that followed should’ve cooled her curiosity, not fed into her obsession to know what lay behind his shuttered gaze.
What was he thinking as he stared out the window, gazing into the darkness while calmly eating pie and drinking coffee?
What drove him to hone his body into such a magnificent masculine machine?
Where did he go when he disappeared for weeks at a time, only to return with shadows in his eyes?
Anna had too much on her plate to waste energy on the aloof man who showed her little interest. So she kept him buried in her most private fantasies—and that’s where he stayed.
Until things suddenly went sideways, and he appeared out of the darkness like an avenging angel when she needed him most.
That should’ve been the end of their story—they both agreed.
But they were both wrong.
It was only the beginning.

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