Veil of Monsters by G. Bailey (epub) FREE

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Veil of Monsters by G. Bailey (epub) FREE The Wyern Clan Series Book 4

King Emerson Eveningstar was my enemy. Now he is my mate, my king, and I will make him remember.

The Wyerns I love the most have forgotten me after the events in the sea. Emerson might not remember me, but he is protective and possessive, even when he believes I am his enemy. Posy holds the key to getting their memories back, but we are both locked away in the Wyern’s great cities. It won’t be easy to escape, with the war outside the mountains burning through the world.

The Rift holds more secrets than I ever knew, and as time passes, it’s clear the war is going to destroy our entire world unless I stop Louie.

Two worlds. Two kings. But only one world can win.

The Rift or Wyvcelm?

Veil of Monsters is a full-length Fae Romance with a Beauty and the Beast twist. This is a spicy, slow burn, enemies to lovers romance. This is book four of the series.

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