Way of the Witch by Kim Richardson (epub)

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Way of the Witch by Kim Richardson (epub) Witches of New York Book 6

They don’t want Shay. They want you.

Okay, so these were not the words I was expecting, coming from my angel father Matiel’s mouth. But here they were.

The Assassins’ Guild of Angels wants me dead. Fantastic.

I mean, what’s a witch gotta do to catch a break these days? I can’t even go for a leisurely stroll without someone trying to off me.

Worse, I have no idea why they’re hunting me. But you know what they say: When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. And I’ve got a whole lot of lemons to work with.

I may not be an angel like my father, but I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve too. Especially when it comes to saving my own skin.

Do I run and hide from these angel assassins? Nope. I’m going to face them head-on and fight.

Non-stop action and laugh out loud funny. Way of the Witch is perfect for fans of urban fantasy, mystery, slow-burn romance, and humor. Start the adventure today and escape into this world of magic, romance, and mystery!

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