We Are Destiny by Alisha Williams (epub)


We Are Destiny by Alisha Williams (epub)
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Alisha Williams
April 15, 2023
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We Are Destiny by Alisha Williams (epub)

I’ve been in love with Ivy Sinclair since as long as I can remember. But she’s only ever seen me as her best friends little brother.

When she came out as an Alpha, she took off to Calling Wood to start her new life and found her pack, leaving me behind to pine after her.

When I came out as an Omega, my heart broke because the only Alpha I could ever want, was unavailable.

I’m 21 now and it’s time for me to go to Calling Wood and I plan on avoiding her as much as possible for my own sanity.

That’s harder said then done when my sister is so involved with both our lives.

To make matters worse, I catch a whiff of Ivy’s scent.

Unable to cope with all the pain my heart and soul feel, dark thoughts cross my mind, things I never thought I’d think about doing.

Just as I think of ending it all, a little blonde pixie of an Omega takes my hand and brings me home. Opening my life up to a whole new world of possibilities.

Will I get everything I ever hoped for? Or is it all just to good to be true?

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