What Did Your Last Maid Die Of? by J. S. Coope (epub)

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What Did Your Last Maid Die Of? by J. S. Coope (epub) The Darling Campbell Sisters #2

Max Whitlock may be a partner at the law firm I work at, but I let him know quite plainly that he’s not the boss of me!

I should have known from the first moment I met Max Whitlock that he would be an arrogant, egotistical, and pompous boss. In fact, as soon as I saw him walking into the boardroom, I should have left.

He thinks that just because he’s handsome and rich I want him. Which couldn’t be further from the truth. I only made up the white lie about my hunky boyfriend to stop him from insinuating I wanted him. And hey, maybe I shouldn’t have shown him what I’d do to him if I did want him…that did cross a little line. But he was down for it.

Now he wants to meet my ‘boyfriend’. And I have one week to find a man to fool him. So I did what any red-blooded hot young woman would do, I joined a dating app. I just didn’t expect the options to be quite so bad.

Then I matched with Ben and he’s perfect. I know Max is going to be shocked when I show up with him. Only, when Ben shows up, I’m the one that’s shocked. Because he’s definitely not who I thought he was. And I’m pretty sure that Max is now going to get the last laugh.

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