What Hurts Us by Maggie Gates (epub)


What Hurts Us by Maggie Gates (epub)
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Maggie Gates
April 12, 2023
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What Hurts Us by Maggie Gates (epub)

Asking Layla Mousavi to be my fake fiancé wasn’t the weirdest thing I had done this week. It didn’t even crack the top ten. Not when my days were filled with escaped pigs, radioactive casseroles, and cow-induced car crashes.

The population of Falls Creek, North Carolina, is a collective menace to society. Layla thought the first line of her orientation packet was a joke, but she soon realized it was all facts. After only a few hours on the job, the whip-smart flight nurse found herself flying headfirst into small-town drama.

Police Officer Callum Fletcher needs a fiancé, and he needs one fast.

His best option? The alluring nurse who had put him back together after one of his worst days on the force. She was the new girl in town and needed a place to stay.

The elusive bachelor could handle a temporary roommate if she could handle a town full of gossiping busybodies, his meddling grandma, and a former date who still had her sights set on being the future Mrs. Fletcher.

The only problem?

Layla Mousavi doesn’t date cops anymore. Especially ones with commitment issues the size of a Ferris wheel.

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  1. Nadiah Jasni says:

    100 lifetime of us: a hot bodyguard romance by maggie gates

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