Wild by Elizabeth N. Harris (epub)


Wild by Elizabeth N. Harris (epub)
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Elizabeth N. Harris
June 30, 2023
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Wild by Elizabeth N. Harris (epub) Rage MC: The Prospects Book 4

He was the eldest, the big brother. He was meant to save his younger brother and failed. Lecherous abusers had sunk their claws into him first and then his baby brother. Most would laugh and say hey dude, what are you complaining about. It was sex on tap. No, it wasn’t; it was abuse, and nobody could understand unless you had been in his situation. He was left with a deep mistrust of all women.

Ignored, belittled, ridiculed, her family had been vile. When they were finally brought down, she escaped. Now she was being offered the job of a lifetime, a one-off chance to improve victim’s scars worldwide. They only took the brightest into the programme, and her name was on it. But he also needed her, and she needed him. But their misunderstandings and lack of trust were undermining everything. No matter how hard they tried, they just seemed to tear one another apart.

Can a wounded young man, a prospect, reach past his guilt and his past and cling to what he’s being offered? Can a woman desperately needing approval and validation see what she’s being given? Or will they implode before they even begin? Will both Valens brothers accept true love and happiness, or will one lose everything dear to him?

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