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Wolf Bitten by Jen L. Grey (epub) The Forbidden Mate Trilogy Book 2

A secret society is out for my blood and ripped me away from my fated mate.

For my entire life, I’ve been an outcast… someone that everyone steered clear from.

But everything changed the day I received a full-ride scholarship to Evergreen Elite and met my broody fated mate—Raffe.

There I discovered the truth about the supernatural world and my own rare heritage.

It’s the very reason Raffe’s father, the wolf shifter king, is determined for the two of us not to complete our fated mate bond.

Between the king and the secret society that kidnaps me, people are determined to keep Raffe and me apart.

A war is brewing, and somehow, I’m the catalyst for it to begin.

All I know is that I won’t be on either side of the fight because I’ll make my own damn path… even if I must go it alone.

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