Wolf’s Jailbird by Candace Ayers (epub)

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Wolf’s Jailbird by Candace Ayers (epub) Brides for Beasts: Wolves Book 2

Paranormal passion only a shifter can deliver. Let the games begin!

When I’m offered a get out of jail free card, I take it.
All I have to do is pop out a pup for money.

One minute I’m entering some weird mating ceremony.
The next, a hot hunk with bulging biceps is claiming me.

Men only ever want one thing from me.
And, hey, I’ll give it. It’s in my contract.

But this wolf daddy wants more.
I don’t do love or affection.
I don’t even know how.
This is just a job.
Why does he make me long for something I’ve never had?

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