Yielding to Sin by L.D Black (epub)

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Yielding to Sin by L.D Black (epub) The Summer of Sin

Little did I know what was in store for me when I found myself at an upscale nightclub in Chicago. It was just another job. What I didn’t expect to find was him.
He oozed confidence that bordered on arrogant. A seductive force that drew me in despite my better judgement. I knew he wasn’t good for me but the attraction between us was intense. Exploring it would’ve been explosive. Never giving him a chance, I darted out of there.
Now, I found myself staring into the eyes of Bash “Sin” Armstrong, the same man who lived rent free in my head these last two years. The same man who was my current mark. The chemistry between us was still there but the stakes were even higher. My body longed for the promise of his dark mastery of dominance, but could I do what needed to be done?

It’s been two years since our encounter. She still haunted my thoughts. Her smile. Her magnetic energy. I didn’t expect her rejection. It left me stunned, and with a bruised ego.
Back in Chicago for the summer, the one person I’d never expected to cross paths with again, found her way into my club. Even under the circumstances we were in, I still craved her. I knew I wouldn’t be able to let her go. No matter what she did or who she worked for.

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