You’re the Boss by Emma Hart (epub)

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You’re the Boss by Emma Hart

From bestselling author, Emma Hart, is a sexy, banter-filled romcom between the secretary trying to escape and the man who refuses to let her go…

Current life goal: hand in my resignation and get out from under the thumb of my cold, demanding boss that I’ve not-so-lovingly nicknamed The Bastard.
After a month of trying and failing to get the infuriating man to accept it, his grandfather offers me the chance I’ve been waiting for: go on a trip up north for six weeks for a project that will solidify my boss’ position as the company Vice-President, and he’ll personally see to it that my resignation is processed on our return.
The catch? I have to live with him for those six weeks.
That’s exactly how I acquire a rich, handsome roommate who doesn’t seem to know what a shirt is, can’t operate a washing machine, and might actually set the kitchen on fire.
They’re all sides of Theodore Black I’ve never seen before, but I still don’t know if I want to kick him or kiss him.
Until I accidentally walk in on him doing some self-care in the shower.
And maybe… the office isn’t the only place he’s the boss.

You’re the Boss is a steamy standalone romantic comedy. If you love roommates, office romances, and hate/love relationships, this is for you.

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