Blaze of Eternity by Jessamyn Kingley (epub)

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Blaze of Eternity by Jessamyn Kingley (epub) D’Vaire, Book 39

Masse is a mage of earth, but he was born with a special gift. Thankfully, a nomadic tribe of men stumbled upon him in his youth and recognized it. The men rescued him from his isolated village, and since Masse was three he has worked diligently to embrace his unique skills. Now twenty, Masse tries to be perfect but often winds up punished for breaking their strict rules and testing his limits.

At birth, Fate slapped a phoenix on the arm of Jarl Kolsten Eldrvalkyria, making him the first leader of his people chosen divinely. Surrounded by family and friends, Kolsten loves his life and does everything to aid the exceptional phoenixes in his village. A lover of books and long walks, he wanders through the woods one day and meets his mate.

Kolsten and Masse come from two different worlds, and their beliefs differ vastly. Unable to deny his attraction to Kolsten, Masse is fearful of building a bond with him. Masse must decide between his destiny and his heart. But before they can have the eternity Fate chose for them, Kolsten and Masse learn no road is without peril. And even the best laid plans cannot account for the twists and turns of life itself.

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