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Blood Empire by Selena (epub) Willow Heights Prep Academy: The Exile Book 5

The Dolces broke me, but with perseverance and dedication, Royal has begun to heal me.

He nourishes my body and soul, and if I let him, he might just save me. But I’m not sure I can let him.

After what he did, how can I let myself love again?

But how can I help myself?

Royal may be a broken man, even a monster, but he didn’t become that way overnight. He didn’t get there alone. I was part of his destruction, just as he was part of mine.

And just as he has moved worlds to help me, I must atone for what I’ve done, too.

When he offers me everything I’ve ever wanted, I realize I still have work to do in Faulkner.

That means healing Royal, uniting this town, and bringing down the Dolce empire once and for all.

This time, I’m not alone.
This time, I have allies.
This time, a poor girl from the trailer park might just win it all.

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