Sweet Intensity by Zoe Blake (epub)

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Sweet Intensity by Zoe Blake (epub) Ruthless Obsession Book 6

She couldn’t have known the danger she faced when she dared to steal from me.
She was too young for a man my age, barely in her twenties.
Far too pure and untouched.
Unfortunately for her, that wasn’t going to stop me.
The moment I laid eyes on her, I claimed her.
Determined to make her mine … by any means necessary.

I owned Chicago’s most elite gambling club, a front for my role as a Russian Mafia crime boss.
And she was a fragile little bird, who had just flown straight into my open jaws.
Naïve and sweet, she was a temptation I couldn’t resist biting.

My intense drive to dominate and control her had become an obsession.
I would ruthlessly use my superior strength and wealth to take over her life.
The harder she resisted, the more feral and savage I would become.
She needed to understand … she was mine now.

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