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The Hunt by SR Jones (epub) Bratva Blood Book 6

She spent her life running, and I spent mine letting her. Not anymore. Now the hunt is on.

For as long as I’ve known her, Pamela has run from commitment, and I’ve let her. Then she got herself kidnapped and held hostage in South America, and I decided… No. More.
I’ve spent my life letting her run, telling myself she was too fragile, not ready for love, too scared of commitment.
I physically hunted her down in that hellish jungle, and now I will emotionally hunt her down, until she accepts what is staring us in the face.
We love each other.

Cole thinks it is so simple. We love one another, and that is all that matters.
If only life were so easy.
I have secrets that are so deep and dark I am terrified to share them.
If Cole knew the real me, not only wouldn’t he love me, but he’d be the one running.
No matter how much I try, though, I can’t escape.
Cole won’t let me. So now he must face my demons too.

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