To Challenge Heaven by David Weber & Chris Kennedy (Epub PDF Audiobook)

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To Challenge Heaven by David Weber & Chris Kennedy (Epub PDF Audiobook) Out of the Dark Book 3)

In a universe fraught with predators, humanity finds itself in need of allies, and fast. Forty years have passed since the Shongairi attacked Earth, causing devastation and loss of life. However, in the aftermath, an alliance of humans and other sentient bipeds on the planet managed to repel the invaders.

Taking advantage of the technology left behind by the Shongairi, humanity rapidly advanced, evolving into a starfaring civilization. The urgency is palpable, as it becomes evident that there are even more powerful and hostile aliens lurking beyond, and Earth requires allies to navigate this perilous cosmos.

Unraveling the layers of the past, it is revealed that the Shongairi expedition that nearly obliterated Earth was not an official one. The possibility emerges that the expedition’s commander unwittingly served as a pawn for the Founders—an ancient alliance of malevolent aliens who control the Hegemony, the dominant force in our galaxy. The Shongairi, like many other non-Founder species, are held in contempt by the Hegemony.

Now, a daring plan unfolds—to potentially turn the Shongairi into allies against the Hegemony. However, the road to friendship is fraught with challenges, particularly the formidable Shongairi honor code, making even bushido seem like a mere child’s game. The narrative hints at the prospect of forging an alliance that could reshape the galactic power dynamics, but not without confronting the monumental task of overcoming the Shongairi’s formidable planetary defenses in an epic battle of unprecedented scale.

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